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DV-10 Upgrades

Quick Cup Modification

This item is standard on all new DV-10 models. The feature can be installed on DV-10 viscometers purchased prior to 2008.

Three design changes have greatly improved the speed and ease of use, as well as, avoiding the possibility of damage to the torque sensor. First, we have added a fill line etched on the inner wall. This eliminates the step of using a dip stick in determining the proper sample level. Secondly, the new cup design allows the easy placement into and removal from the cupholder while maintaining the tight tolerances required for precision testing. This innovative design prevents binding between the cup and cupholder that is sometimes common in a dusty environment. Third, we have increased the wall thickness to twice that of the standard cup making it more durable.

8800 RPM Upgrade

This modification will allow an increase of 33% in shear rate (up to 185,000 sec-1 over the standard DV-10 model.

Infrared Temperature Sensor

The sensor measures the heat generated during viscosity tests on the Hercules model DV-10 Hi-Shear Viscometer. The sensor system includes a special viscometer test cup fitted with a unique crystalline window, an IR probe and a power/thermocouple control box. Download brochure >

TC-1 Heater Unit

The unit is a jacketed electric heater, which is placed over and around the cup and bob assembly. This stand alone unit does not currently interface with WinShear32 nor the DV-10 viscometer, as of yet. The controller utilizes PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative), which enables the unit to suppress overshoot, and allows the process warm up to be tuned independently from the steady-state operating conditions. (Recommended operating range: 50 to 150C 1C.)


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